6oz- GOLD Tuna diamond jig 1-pack

6oz- GOLD Tuna diamond jig  1-pack
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" American Made" hammered diamond jig TRIPLE platted

American made Hammered Diamond jigs TUNA Series, Have an extra Heavy swivel and 4x hook The stainless eyes are 1.25" long and the swivel is American made. 350# test. This is 1 tuff jig. Very popular with the Tuna guys on long Island and the guys out of Texas fishing the oil rigs. And commercial Grouper fisherman in NC.

Assist hooks

We will guarantee the finish on our jigs If the finish comes off any of our jigs return them and I will replace them All u pay is the freight. A little banging on the bottom is normal but if the finish becomes dull or flakes I will replace it and give u a free jig too boot. Chrome or Gold finish ONLY. Not much u can do with a painted jig.



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