GOLD hammered cod jig cod jig 6oz

GOLD hammered cod jig cod jig  6oz
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Our Famous Hammered finish Triple Plated cod jigs Stainless eyes and Rosco swivels . large treble hook standard. The Original Hammered Finish. They keep trying to copy the hammered finish But it can not be done. Some look a little like ours But NONE fish like ours. No other jigs catches like this one. The success of this jig is the way the water goes over the dimples it makes the jig vibrate and attacks the fish. Once u Fish this jig every thing else is just what u used to fish with!! Our hammered diamond jigs have set 1 world record and many state records . A guy sent me a picture of a 350 lb blue fin tuna he caught on one of these last year. Was his last jig after losing 8 to blue sharks that day. What a catch on cod tackle. All these jigs are an exact copy of the Norwegian jigs we have all been fishing with for years. All swivel and stainless eyes are American Made. Contact me with any questions or for large order discounts. ( when by the dozen per-size.) George 607- 936-0523
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